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Payment, item pick-up, or consignments daily 9:AM to 5:PM


All major auction houses and consignment stores charge buyer's fees anywhere between 10% to 50% ON TOP of the final bid price

We offer: No buyer's fee, No deposit fee

Classic Mercedes and Jeep

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Rare cars you can actually buy

Buyer agreement and auction terms

By registering as a buyer with Scottsdale Airpark Auction, or by bidding on a vehicle or item, and entering into any transaction facilitated by Scottsdale Airpark Auction, the buyer agrees to be bound by Scottsdale Airpark Auction terms of use
Scottsdale Airpark Auction reserves the right to make changes at any time to these terms upon notice to the buyer
Buyer will be required to accept each modified version of the auction terms each time the buyer logs onto their account after a modified version is posted
Upon the buyer’s submission of a bid, the use of auction site, or bidding on a vehicle or item will constitute acceptance of the terms
The consignors may require a minimum bid amount that must be met before the approval of a sale
In the event a reserve requirement is not met and/or the sale of a vehicle or item has not been approved by the consigner prior to the auctioneer closing bids
Scottsdale Airpark Auction reserves the right to present counteroffer to Buyer in an attempt to negotiate a sale between the consignor and buyer

All items sold in Scottsdale Airpark Auctions are sold “ AS IS, WHERE IS, NO WARRANTIES APPLY ”

We DO NOT offer Shipping Services

Because there is No Preview Option, You can cancel the purchase at delivery/pickup time WITHOUT ANY FEES OR PENALTIES

Some items have reserve price! Items canceled or unsold because the reserve was not reach, will be re-listed in the next auction. A reservation price is a limit on the price of a item, it is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell the item.

We make buyers happy

In order to bid on items, you must register with our online auction
You will then receive a permanent buyer number and will be required to keep your personal profile up-to-date


Upon registration, click on the auction in which you would like to participate. Then, follow these instructions
At the bottom of the page you will need to enter your bidder number and password to begin bidding
You will see two spaces in which to enter bids; one is “Next Required Bid”, the other is “Maximum Bid”
Everyone can see the “Next Required Bid” amount, but no one will see your maximum bid (if you choose to enter one)
If you enter a Maximum Bid, the auction program will automatically bid for you, up to your maximum bid amount
If you are outbid, a notification email will be sent to your registered address. You may then bid higher if you wish
Every auction has a designated ending date and time. When the auction begins to close-out, 1-4 items (based on the number of lots) will close-out per minute.
If a bidder places a bid on an item within the last minute, the auction time will be extended 2 minutes. (This keeps buyers from stealing the current bid at the last moment, or using sniping programs)
After the auction has closed, winning bidders will receive an email notification with pick-up and settlement instructions

Cash, credit or debit card payment may be made in person on the day of item pick-up. Certain items will not be allowed to leave the property until funds have cleared Scottsdale Airpark Auctions account

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